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My Songs.

Built on a foundation of authenticity and passion, Emilee Allan is a spearheading Singer and Songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee, who has taken center stage in the world of music with her melodic voice. She has an extensive professional background as a soul-enriching artist and is entirely ardent about delivering compelling performances that leave her audiences wanting more.


Growing up, Emilee discovered her voice early in life and had a rooted admiration for music since she can remember. To her, music was much more than just some tunes and beats put together to provide some nice background noise. Instead, music was a superior outlet for Emilee, and the concept of being able to transform and manipulate harmonic tones into her own unique blend is what inspired her to pursue a career within the music industry. Since then, Emilee has poured her heart and soul into her work for the last decade and leverages her uniquely creative and artistic mind to develop influencing productions that leave lasting impressions.

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